Rescue Task Force Vs. Tactical Medics: Understanding the Role of an Emergency Medic

Woman in head brace on stretcher

During an active shooter situation, the wounded have to be taken care of as quickly as possible. In the past, the custom for emergency medical personnel was to stand on the sidelines and wait until the police had completely secured the situation before rushing in and trying to save as many lives as possible. Nowadays, however, there are new types of emergency medics entering the scene. Tactical medics and rescue task forces are medics who are equipped with body armor and weapons, and have the ability to fire upon the shooters should they encounter them. (more…)

These Tips for Planning an Active Shooter Drill Could Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

Active Shooter Drill

With the number of active shooter incidents increasingly each year, having an active shooter drill is crucial for any company. When it comes to planning an active shooter drill, there is a particular process that should be followed to ensure the smooth planning of an active shooter drill. The five steps to planning an active shooter drill are as follows: (more…)